Thursday, January 15, 2009

Can Kids help a troubled relationship ?

Brad Pitt didn't want to have kids with Jennifer Aniston because he was not comfortable with the relationship they shared. Well, that's what I have heard .But if they had children , would it have helped salvage their troubled relationship ? Some of my friends say that kids do indeed help a derailed relationship, but I hold a different opinion. Kids can help you put your problems aside , however, they don't make them disappear.

If there is a problem in a relationship , then that needs to be sorted -Period.Otherwise, they will keep coming back - Sooner or later.And I think Brad Pitt understood that when he was involved with Jennifer. And IMO, he did the right thing by trying to be sure that they could make a good couple before opting to become parents.

If the problems persist after you become parents, the your kids may have to bear the brunt of your wrong decisions , which of course no parent wants.So it's better to be sure than hope that kids will fix everything in a troubled relationship.That's what I think anyway.

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