Thursday, January 15, 2009

5 Dating Tips for meeting men you will like

A few months back I'd not have considered myself eligible to offer even 1 dating tip , forget about 5 dating tips , but after having spent more than 2 months at a reputable dating site , I think I qualify to advice my readers on dating men.:)

So here are 5 dating tips to meet the kind of man who will make you blush :

1) Expose yourself to places where men visit , be it online or offline . Don't bottle yourself up and expect your Mr perfect to land on your lap from the sky. That just won't happen. You will have to go out there or join a dating sight to give yourself any realistic chance of meeting more men.

2) Learn the art of conversing. There is a certain way of talking that makes most men respond.Learn and practice it. Don't just flirt.

3) Dress appropriately- It's good to look sexy and beautiful , but don't wear anything that you are not comfortable carrying. By being yourself , you give yourself the best shot of attracting men who will like the real you.

4) Make a mental note of character traits that put you off. If you find this hard to do , then recall your ex-boy friends and you will feel surer.You don't want to fall for a man who will bring a baggage of traits that resulted in a broken relationship for you.

5) Improve yourself - This may be difficult , but it's a necessary step. If you have had break ups in the past , then try remembering what your ex pointed out as a reason for the breakup. Be reasonable and if you secretly agreed with his judgement , then try to make amends. None of us are perfect , but we can endevor to improve ourselves.

Those are my 5 tips to meet men who will make you feel special. Now go get those men.

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